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The station

Northern Station Information

Network Rail full details for Davenport station

Postal Address of the station:

Davenport Station
Bramhall Lane

Ticket office opening hours: Monday - Friday 06:20 - 12:50
Saturday 07:00 - 13:30
Sunday closed.

When the office is closed, tickets are sold on the train, although on-train sales are suspended during the Covid-19 period.

About Davenport

Davenport is a mostly-residential, tree-lined, suburb of Stockport, in Greater Manchester, England. Its focal point is its railway station, which is on the Manchester - Stockport - Buxton line, and  it does have a range of facilities within a short distance which make it a particularly good place to live for anyone who does not wish to drive a car.

Minutes from the station there are some good quality shops, including convenience stores, a pharmacy, a baker, and a butcher as well as a post office/newsagent. Davenport is well-served by buses to Stockport town centre,  and the trains will get you to Manchester Piccadilly station in 20 minutes.

The trains heading away from Stockport offer an instant transfer to the countryside, with pleasant walks along the Middlewood Way and Peak Forest Canal 15 minutes away and the Peak National Park within half an hour.

Stockport's main hospital, Stepping Hill, is a couple of kilometres away, and even the town's cemetery and crematorium are within walking distance. We have a 'green-flag' park, Cale Green Park, incorporating a kids' playground and with Cricket and Lacrosse clubs adjacent. A Methodist church is nearby, and the large late-Victorian Anglican church, St George's, is a short walk towards Stockport.

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Note for Concession Card users

If you paid the 10 annual fee imposed in those far-off days before lockdown,  to extend your travel to train travel withing Greater Manchester, your card is stil valid until 21 June 2021 without further payment.  You may find that the railway's IT systems have not been amended to cover this, and your card will not operate ticket gates or register on  the app used by 'revenue inspectors'.  This is not a problem, the staff are aware.
11 May 2021

The timetable changes

New timetables apply across the National Rail network from 17 May:  take care to check your train time in advance using the Northern website or app.  The principal change as far as our line is concerned is that late evening services are re-instated. You can return from Manchester Piccadily at 22:10 and 23:24 Mondays to Fridays: an irritating feature, inherited from the pre-Covd days, is that there is also a train from Piccadilly to Buxton at 23:11, but it doesn't stop at Davenport or Woodsmoor. Why? Who knows. But: on Monday - Thursday 17 -20 May our last 'train' is a replacement bus at 23:11 due to engineering work.

On Saturdays there are departures from Piccadilly at 22:10 and 23:07 to Buxton and 23:17 to Hazel Grove, but the 23:17 does not stop at Davenport or Woodsmoor so your last train is earlier on Saturdays when people might want a later one. This really is hard to fathom. On Sundays the last train is at 22:48.

The morning service to Manchester is much the same as before:  and commuters to Davenport from the High Peak are still incovenienced by the train from Buxton whch could call here about 08:20 but does not stop. There is a reason for this: the train has to stay out of the way of an East Midlands Railway train which calls at Hazel Grove four minutes behind, but really something should be done about this.  Even the great and good Mayor of Greater Manchester has failed to change things.

Bad news for countryside lovers is that Middlewood station, gateway to the marvellous Middlewood Way, which has been enjoying an hourly service on weekdays, reverts to the old regime with two-hour gaps in service.

11 May 2021


From 29 March the Government has lifted the 'stay at home' restriction, kids are back to school, and car traffic is more or less back to normal, but can we now make 'non-essential' public transport journeys? We have checked with Northern, who confirm that we can, subject to the usual rules on social distancing and compulsory mask-wearing on trains and stations. We'd recommend that you keep your journeys within the local area, but there's no definite rule about this.

The current 'temporary timeable' for Monday-Saturday is on this link.   Two points to note: service from Manchester finishes earlier in the day that usual (21:44 from Manchester Piccadilly) and all trains are now calling at Middlewood, offering a better service than normal for people wishing to enjoy a walk on the Middlewood Way.  Bear in mind that Davenport and Woodsmoor stations are busy at times with school students attending the schools in our area.

There's no timetable leaflet for Sundays: it appears that we have an hourly service between Manchester and Buxton, but Middlewood is only served two-hourly, despite Sunday being the day when more people might want to travel there.

Here's a list of engineering work planned for Easter.

31 March 2020.

Looking ahead

February 2021 and the 'lockdown' continues, although you might not believe it from the traffic on Bramhall Lane.  Friends Groups are again banned from working on the gardens, etc, and those of us without a car are banned from 'non-essential' use of public transport, but at least we are still here.

Meanwhile the Department of Transport and their associates have been musing over the congestion in the Manchester area created by the timetable implemented back in 2008 which increased the number of trains passing though Piccadilly station. A 'Task Force' has produced a document for 'open consultation', which can be downloaded from their site.

We have made a short summary covering how Davenport and Woodsmoor stations would be affected by the various options on offer.  This can be downloaded from our website.

We welcome any comments on our document or the subject in general: email them to info@davenportstation.org.uk

18 February 2021.

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