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Our research into the history of Davenport has often led us to consult the Directories which were published in Victorian and Edwardian times, both on line and in libraries.

Online access is very useful, but seems to have a way of being lost. Stockport, for example, had the street directories for 1902, 1907 and 1910 available online, but they were lost when their website was upgraded, and turned out to be a personal project by the late Mr Reid, Local History Librarian.

We are also adding some of our own nores and transcriptions from Electoral Registers and elsewhere to fill in the picture.

We invite anyone interested to download the documents (usually a right-click and save) from our archive and keep them. The more copies the better. - Charlie Hulme, January 2014.

Contributions are very welcome at at info@davenportstation.org.uk

These PDF files are extracts, some from Directories of Cheshire, for the years given. Each gives much information about Stockport (including Davenport) at the time, and historical, plus alphabetical lists of 'private residents' and businesses. The files are large, up to 90 megabytes, containing up to 60 pages each of searchable information. They offer much insight into Stockport life of 100 and more years ago.

Most ditectories do not list residents by street, but street information can be obtained by word searching. Note, however, that 'Optical Character Recognition' techniques used to scan the documents are not 100% perfect. Letter combinations such as 'ill' ans 'im' can often be mis-read, and hyphens are not removed from words split between lines, for example.

Davenport was part of Bramhall until 1901/2, so we have appended Bramhall / Davenport listings to the end of the 1857, 1864, 1883 1896 and 1902 Stockport extracts.

Stockport, 1789

Stockport, from Pigot's Directory, 1818

Stockport, from Cheshire directory, 1850

Stockport, from Post Office Directory of Cheshire, 1857

Stockport, from Morris's Directory of Cheshire, 1864

Stockport, from Slater's directory of Cheshire, 1883

Kelly's Stockport 1896

Kelly's Stockport 1902

Kelly's Davenport 1905

Kelly's Stockport 1910

Kelly's Stockport 1914

Stockport Telephone Directory

A very early example of a Telephone Directory, published by the National Telephone Company. Note: Searching this document will be less successful than usual due to the poor state of the original scan.

Stockport Telephone Directory, 1911

Updated October 2020

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